3D kaboodle planner masterclass

Up your design game with our 3D kaboodle planner masterclass. In this episode available to watch now, our DIY expert Cam will show you how to design a stylish, modular kitchen and quickly bring your vision to life! 

Get your very own copy of this kitchen design in the 3D kaboodle planner. You can modify the layout, change styles and add your own designer flair!

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In this masterclass, you'll learn how to:

  • identify which products are available to take home today, for quick delivery or available via extended lead time
  • easily set up your room in the 3D planner for an accurate design                                                                             
  • adjust the widths of your benchtops to create a breakfast bar                                                                                 
  • use the 'overall styles' menu to find your ideal colour combination                                                                           
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