Waste and dirty clothes are cleverly concealed with our easy to install waste bins and laundry hampers. This range includes features such as soft-close runners, removable bins for easy disposal and an integrated lid that helps with the control of odours.

modern pull out bins and laundry hampers

Easy to install waste bins and laundry hampers are an essential part of any modern kitchen or laundry room. Aesthetic looking with practical features, kaboodle’s pull out bins and laundry hampers are the perfect fit for your home. The pull out bins and hampers can be easily concealed in cupboards under the sink or counter, thus saving space and adding functionality to your home. At kaboodle, we offer a range of stylish and functional pull-out bins and laundry hampers to suit any space and design preference. You can choose from our range of single, double or three-compartment pull out bins, which features varied lids suitable to keep your waste organised, while also keeping unwanted odour locked away.

installing pull out bins in your home

Our pull-out bins and laundry hampers feature a smooth and easy-to-use sliding mechanism, allowing you to quickly and easily access your waste or laundry. Their sturdy construction and high-quality materials also ensure a long-lasting and durable product that will work functionally in your home for years to come.

how to choose the right pull-out bin

When choosing a pull-out bin or laundry hamper, consider your space and how much waste or laundry you typically produce. You should also consider how you want to separate your waste and laundry areas and whether you need one single bin or a separate bin for different coloured clothing in your laundry or recycling and food scrap bins in your kitchen. To suit these specifications and needs, our range of pull-out bins includes options with multiple bins, ideal for sorting recyclables and single bin options for smaller spaces. We also offer laundry hampers with removable bags for easy transport and washing. Don’t forget the finishing details when choosing the right pull-out bin, like matching your cabinet handles for a cohesive look.

pull out bins product dimensions and installation

To ensure a perfect fit, it’s important to carefully measure your space and choose a bin or hamper that fits your dimensions. With pull-out bin sizes ranging from 1L to 37L, you can find the right pull-out bin to suit your cupboard space and needs. For more information and detailed dimensions, you can view each of our product pages to make this process as easy as possible. When it comes to installation, our pull-out bins make it a breeze, designed to be quickly and easily mounted to the cabinet floor or side. All you need is a few tools to upgrade your space for the better.

use our 3D kaboodle planner

To visualise how our pull-out bins and laundry hampers will look in your space, try out our 3D kaboodle planner. This tool allows you to create a virtual kitchen or laundry room with our range of products, like our black handles, to complete your look. You can experiment with different configurations and see how our pull-out bins and laundry hampers will fit in your space.

enhance the efficiency of your home with kaboodle pull-out bins

Transform your kitchen or laundry room effortlessly with kaboodle’s range of stylish and functional pull-out bins. With our detailed product dimensions, installation instructions, and 3D kaboodleplanner, choosing and installing the perfect pull-out bin has never been easier.

Browse our catalogue online or visit your local Bunnings to find everything you need to build the functional home of your dreams. Experience the convenience and versatility of kaboodle’s pull-out bin and laundry hamper solutions and take the first step towards a more organised and efficient home today!

Our integrated laundry hampers help sort and store your clean and dirty laundry, or you can even use the different coloured baskets to sort coloured washing and whites. Designed with perforated sides, kaboodle pull out laundry hampers help increase ventilation and air circulation in your clothes, allowing them to breathe and prevent the growth of bacteria on damp clothing. The hampers are easy to install and can be retrofitted in an existing cabinet.

Both our pull out kitchen bins and laundry basket come with a 5-year kaboodle warranty.

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Designing your kitchen is a major step in renovating/building your house your way. Use our mykaboodle tool to create your DIY dream kitchen from start to finish. For a little expert advice visit your local Bunnings Warehouse or book a consultation with a Bunning’s kitchen expert to get help in designing, planning and building the kitchen of your dreams, including pull out kitchen bins and laundry storage.

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